Many of you like to schedule Christmas parties here and we will open Thursdays in NOVEMBER and DECEMBER, with reservations.  If large enough groups, we will schedule music. 


FASHION WEEK  !! - Always a huge attraction. Pre-pais reservations are required. We will be serving a tea themed lunch, which starts at 1:00p.m.. As always, lots of fun (Sharon makes it so!!) LOTS of NEW items!  we can't wait to show you!! Look for Special PROMOS and DISCOUNTS!


SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!  WE appreciate YOU and your support for our business! On this special day, recieve a FREE item, with purchase!


September  This week continues to be a favorite. It is a week of German style food with German background music in our quiant German town.


October  Christmas will adorn the shoppe -gift buying will be at it's finest! Reservations greatly appreciated. Look for our LARGE Christmas Sale in the downstairs Banquet Room. NOTE: We will not be open October 20th to prepare for this event.


NOVEMBER  and DECEMBER These weeks are always enjoyed by many.During these weeks we highly reccomend reservations. We do everything possible to not turn anyone away, so we generally strive to seat at two different times, the first around the 11:00 hour and the second around 12:30. Please be considerate of the other patrons and be on time. Donna Lora will be here most days with her harp and various instruments. We do all we can to try to anticipate what people will order, but the fact is, the early bookings get the best shot at whatever Entree we have that day.  


We are still striving to find the right combination on Saturday's that meet the desires of our patrons. The breakfast/coffeehouse theme continues to be the most popular. To that end, we will continue to serve breakfast and some lunch dishes from 9:00A.M. -11:A.M. withthe shoppe open until 12:30. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the cafe will not be open on Saturdays.  During the months of November and December, the lunch hour will be extended until 11.30.