Lattes, Cappucinos or Steamers

Snickers (chocolate , caramel & hazelnut)

Turtle (caramel & chocolate)

Milky Way ( chocolate, caramel & vanilla)

White Chocolate Raspberry (white chocolate & raspberry)

A Tale of Two Chocolates ( white & dark chocolate)

Creme Brulee ( caramel & white chocolate)

Highlander Grogg ( caramel & irish cream)

Cinnamon Delight (caramel & cinnamon)

Black Berry Frost (white chocolate & blackberry)

Divinity (white chocolate, almond & marshmallow)

Sticky Bun (caramel, cinnamon & vanilla)

Irish Mocha (irish cream & white or dark chocolate)

Rocky Road ( chocolate, marshmallow & almond)

Mochanilla ( chocolate & vanilla)

Almond Joy (chocolate, coconut & almond)

Rolo (chocolate, caramel & marshmallow)

Chocolate Francine (caramel, chocolate & raspberry)

(These can all be made decaf or with almond or soy milk) Plus the top 6 can be made Sugar Free



Wildberry or Strawberry (fruit tea smoothies)

Raspberry Cheesecake ( raspberry, cheesecake & vanilla)

Strawberry Shortcake (vanilla bean & strawberry)

Peanut Butter Bliss (peanut butter, mocha & espresso)

Madison Special (vanilla bean & mocha)







Muffin Melt (egg salad and cheese on a croissant top, toasted)

Ham & Cheese Croissant ( ham, Swiss cheese & onion butter on a half croissant, toasted)

Egg Sausage Cheese Muffin ( egg, sausage & Colby Jack cheese on an English muffin, toasted)

Ham & Egg Cheese Panini (ham, egg, Colby Jack cheese on Heartland grain bread, grilled)

Egg Bacon Burrito ( egg, bacon, cheese peppers & onions rolled in a tortilla, grilled)

Yogurt with Berry Sauce and Granola

Muffins & Rolls in Coffee House




Downstairs Banquet Room availabe for special events (showers, rehersal dinners, business meetings, etc.) Seats up to 80.  Bring your own food or have us do the cooking!

Photos available on the "About Us" tab.


On Saturdays, we serve a breakfast/early lunch 8:30-11:00 AM. We have a nice selection of breakfast sanwiches with fruit and some salads, sandwiches and soup available along with our coffee house drinks. the shop is OPEN 8-12:30.